1 carat diamond ring: best cut and setting design to choose more


Choosing a perfect 1 carat diamond ring can sometimes be tricky especially because of the fact that the size of this diamond is quite small. Based on the standardized approximate diamond carat size, the size of 1 carat diamond is only about 7.0 mm. Because of this you really have to think about the design carefully before finally you choose one to complete your style. Basically, there are two most important things that you can consider more when about to choose this kind of ring. These are diamond cut and ring setting design.

1 carat diamond ring on fingerWhen it comes to the best type of diamond cut to be chosen for 1 carat diamond ring, you have to know that there are some cut types better for you to choose. The first one is round cut. The most significant reason about why this cut is a better option is because basically, round cut is always chosen to maximize the brilliant level of diamond, including the one with a rather small size like 1 carat diamond that we are talking about here. Even this sounds perfect it does not mean that round is the only cut type that is perfect for you to choose. Instead, you can also choose princess cut that is also perfect for a solitaire ring with 1 carat diamond and also cushion cut that always simply looks pretty.

1 carat diamond ring jaredNext thing for you to consider in order making the look of your 1 carat diamond ring perfect is ring setting. As told previously, solitaire can be said to be one of the best designs for ring setting if the center stone is 1 carat diamond. With such a small size of diamond, it is so sure that you do not really make the design to be adorned with side stones with even smaller size than the 1 carat stone, right? If you really want to decorate the ring with smaller diamonds, you have to be sure that the design of the ring setting is the one in which smaller diamonds decorate the whole part of the ring shank instead of making these as the side stones located near the center stone, such in the design of three-stone diamond ring.

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