10 carat diamond ring and differences of size in different types of diamond cut for the ring


The most prominent thing that is usually talked about more in a 10 carat diamond ring is no other else but the diamond that is used to adorn it. Of course, this also includes the type of diamond cut that used in the main stone of the ring. In general, it can be said that round cut can be said to be the most common and possibly popular type of diamond cut that is chosen more for a ring with 10 carat diamond. Especially for this kind of cut, the size of the diamond can directly be seen from the diameter of the round diamond. Commonly, it can be said that a 10 carat diamond ring size is about 14.00 mm in diameter. Certainly, it is not a small one, right?

10 carat diamond ring neil laneOther thing that you have to know about is that actually, the size of diamond in 10 carat diamond ring can vary based on the type of diamond cut used in its center stone. In other words, it can be said that the size of the diamond is different in every type of cut even if the basic number applied to it is the same, which is 10 carat.

10 carat diamond ring for saleFor example, there is 10 carat diamond ring adorned with marquise diamond which name is also well-known as the football diamond because the shape that is so similar to a football. In this type of diamond cut, the size of a 10 carat diamond cannot really be derived from the diameter of the diamond. Of course, this is caused by the special shape of the diamond. That is why, the standard size of 10 carat marquise diamond is 20.00 x 10.00 mm and yes this seems to be bigger than the standard of round diamond size. Based on the two previous examples, round diamond cut and also marquise diamond cut, it is so clear that you cannot really count on to one size only when you are trying to find a perfect 10 carat ring with a diamond cut that is most suitable to your personal taste of this fine jewelry.

10 carat diamond ring princess cut