14 gauge earrings


The different types of metals used in the manufacture of jewelry – including brass , copper, silver and gold – are sold in different ” gauges ” . Find out what the correct gauge metal to use in your jewelry making projects can have a huge impact on the way in which the jewelry design turns out. In this article you will learn more about the best metal to use for each type of production of 14 gauge earrings that will help you create spectacular design project .

14 gauge earrings for menThe first thing you need to consider is the total weight and the thickness of the sheet you want to use , and as the weight and thickness of performance or hindering the appearance and design of 14 gauge earrings handmade jewelry design . You need to consider what you are working with a gold sheet material or any other type of sheet metal material such as silver or brass.

14 gauge earrings for womenThen you will need to think about how you will use the final product. 14 gauge earrings is very strong and durable, but also weighs more than thinner materials . Heavy metals are often used to make great bracelets or rings, while mild or thinner metals are used to make brooches, pendants or delicate earrings do not have much weight in their cycles. You need to consider the type of jewelry that is made when it comes to choosing the thickness of metal or other material jewelry making gold leaf .

14 gauge earrings size