5 carat diamond ring and why marquise cut is the best for It


When you are thinking about purchasing a 5 carat diamond ring, have you ever really thought that marquise cut is the best option that you have to think about for the diamond that will be used as the main decoration of the ring? If you never think about this kind of thing before, it seems that you need to prepare a small time of yours before really deciding about which diamond ring to purchase to know about why this diamond cut is the best.

5 carat diamond ring princess cutThe main thing that makes marquise diamond to be a perfect option for 5 carat diamond ring is because this cut always has a visual effect that the size of the diamond is bigger than it actually is. In other words, it can be said that purchasing a 5 carat marquise diamond ring will make you look like you wear something bigger than just a 5 carat stone on your ring. Other than this, marquise cut also create long visual effect that definitely support the previous plus point about this. With all of these benefits, it is so certain that marquise diamond ring in 5 carat size is not a bad choice at all, right?

5 carat diamond ring on fingerIn general, 5 carat diamond ring is usually adorned with a diamond which size is around 11.0 mm in diameter. This sizing is the one that is commonly measured when the type of diamond cut used is round cut. One thing that you have to know is that marquise diamond may be a bit different because of the football-like design that it has. The real sizing of a marquise diamond in 5 carat size is about 17.0 x 9.0 mm. From this difference in sizing it is already clear about where the bigger visual effect that is explained previously comes from. Other thing that you have to know also about this diamond cut is that later, you may find out that the price applied to a ring with 5 carat diamond that you are about to purchase is different from the size of other rings with other diamond cuts even if the size of carat is the same. This is so possible to occur because different diamond cut usually has different pricing.

5 carat diamond ring setting