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Gadgets and appliances that are used by us in daily life are becoming faster and more intelligent with passage of time. Computers have become faster and capable of doing many more things than computers of the past. The same applies to most of the other accessories used by mankind. This is obviously an attempt to make things and life simpler and better.  Surprisingly, wristwatches, that were an essential accessory for men in earlier times, did not keep pace with these advancements with the result that most men stopped wearing them altogether. But there is a new breed of best Android smartwatches that are much more than simply time telling devices. These smartwatches are intelligent and capable of many advance functions to make life easier and simpler for the wearer. They operate on Android OS and are packed with features and functionalities that have made them very popular among men and women these days.


Android smartwatch

Watches that are smart and intelligent.
Android smartwatches are an answer to Apple’s smartwatches and they are selling in large numbers around the world because they are cheaper than Apple watches. These watches look like ordinary watches with a dial that tells time. There are also digital Android smartwatches that obliterate the need to get your mobile phone out of your pocket as they intimate the person about an incoming message or a call. You can simply read the message on the dial of the watch and even attend the call as they are equipped with Bluetooth. Some of the other features of best Android smartwatches are ability to give out information about weather, shares and stock markets, currency exchange price, and some other apps that were till now found inside only mobile phones and computers.

Apps that provide great deal of information.
Being powered by Android OS, these watches can be loaded with interesting applications that can help in giving crucial information or for time pass at public places where people spend a lot of time.  More and more developers are today making Android apps especially for these watches. The best Android smartwatches come fitted with many types of sensors to give information about heart rate, speed, temperature etc.  Some of these are even fitted with GPS to help    the individual while driving a car by guiding him on the road. The ability to allow the individual to communicate without fumbling for his mobile phone makes these watches a huge hit among men and women of all ages.


Chinese android smartwatch
The best Android smart watches are those that can be connected with one’s computer to transfer data between them. This feature allows sports persons and athletes to analyze their performance and to set realistic goals for themselves during their training schedule. When buying a smartwatch, it is necessary to look at the features and the price of the watches. Buy only the best Android  smartwatches that fulfill your requirements as paying for features that are not used by you is not a prudent idea. There are many types of smartwatches to choose from and many Chinese companies are starting to make them. The prices are not expensive either, so worth to try them out.