Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings and Some Design Inspirations for These


It cannot be denied that antique sapphire engagement rings gain more and more fame in these recent years. The reason why it can be said to be so is no other else but because this kind of ring is the one that arrested quite a lot of attention of people in all around the globe when Prince William gave the vintage sapphire engagement ring that firstly belongs to his mother, to the one he loved, Kate Middleton on their engagement. From that time on, engagement rings that are decorated with sapphires and are also made in antique-looking designs are getting more and more popular until now.

antique sapphire engagement rings Art decoIf right now you are actually looking for the right design of antique sapphire engagement rings, you may need some inspirations that can make the design of your own engagement ring to be fascinating that you are always happy wearing it in waiting for your wedding day to come. In deciding about the design, you have to remember always that antique is the main idea that will be applied in the ring design. This will help you to limit the type of material that will later on be used in the ring. Since the precious stone of the ring is sapphire, it seems to be great for you to limit the ring setting material in white precious metal only. The fact that you have to know is that this precious metal is also the one that was used quite often in the production of engagement rings with sapphire in the past.

antique sapphire engagement rings HaloOnce you find the right materials that can make the design of your own engagement ring perfect, the next thing that you have to think about is the shape that will be applied in the ring design. As a suggestion, you can choose round or oval sapphire cut as the center stone of the ring and then decorate it with a lot of white round diamonds as the side stones. This design that looks like a blue and white flower is also the one that is used quite a lot in antique sapphire engagement rings, including also the one that now belongs to Kate Middleton.

antique sapphire engagement rings Black Gold

antique sapphire engagement rings White Gold