Asscher cut diamond ring


If seen from the design point of view, it is so certain that asscher cut diamond ring is something exceptional. The shape of diamond that is cut in asscher style makes every ring to look simply beautiful, especially if the diamond is no other else but the brilliant white diamond. This type of diamond cut is actually the one that is created and developed for the very first time back then in the year of 1902. The name that is given to this diamond cut is no other else but the name of those who found the design. They are no other else but the Asscher Brothers. At first, rings with this diamond were not really popular among people. Even so, as time goes by, the rings were seen more often to be worn by public figure, including also celebrities. That was why the ring gained more and more popularity until now.

asscher cut diamond ring tiffanyThe use of asscher cut diamond ring is not only popular as daily precious jewelry. Besides, this diamond ring can also be chosen as engagement and also wedding band. Of course, it is not really suitable for the ring to be called as something traditional. The fact is that it is quite modern because of the diamond cut used in the design. This ring is also look so fashionable. Besides, it is always good in adding more dramatic look on those who wear it.

asscher cut diamond ring yellow goldUsually, the type of ring setting chosen for asscher cut diamond ring is the one with 4 prongs. This setting is chosen not without any reason. This is the best setting for the ring because of the fact that the 4-pronged feature can really hold the diamond perfectly on its place. That is why, whenever you are about to purchase a diamond ring crowned with asscher diamond, you have to be sure that this type of ring setting is the one you choose. As for the overall design of the ring, it is actually look the best when solitaire design is chosen. Even so, some other options can be taken as alternatives too, such as three-stone asscher diamond ring.

asscher cut diamond ring antique

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