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New moms with teething baby should really know about baby pearl necklace. Moreover, this jewelry is in fact the one suggested for them to buy and wear. Unlike any other pearl necklaces which are usually made from precious materials, pearls, this necklace is not really made from pearls. Usually, it is made from safe and soft silicone material made in sphere beads shape and then arranged in stretch string so in overall the necklace really looks like a real pearl necklace.

baby pearl necklace From ChinaInstead of being used as jewelry only, baby pearl necklace actually works as something else too. It is true that the necklace is worn by moms but you have to know that the main function of it is in fact purposed for the babies. The silicone beads of the necklace are designed to be chewed by the babies and this can really help the babies to get through the teething phase they are in. Of course, there is no need for mommies to worry because the beads are made from a totally safe material. Besides, these are also made to be so soft so these will not harm babies’ gums or mouth. The material of the beads will not create cause any poisonous or allergic reactions as well. The last but not least, these will not contain any choking hazard since these are arranged in a stretchy but strong string. It will always be fine even the babies pull the necklace as they learn to grab.

baby pearl necklace Reviewvalues it has inside, baby pearl necklace is really a necklace for all mommies to consider. Besides the benefits given to the babies who are learning to grab and passing a teething phase, the necklace can of course makes moms to look more fashionable. Moreover, this necklace is also available in a lot of fashion colors even if generally the design of it is the same from one another. If you are also a mom with a teething baby, you can now buy this kind of necklace in baby store or even in a certain accessory store who design various types of jewelry for both moms and babies.

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