Baltic amber teething necklace


Although Baltic amber teething necklace is classified with precious stones and crystals for healing, is something completely different. It really is a fossilized resin that is formed there are more than 45 million years . Scientists and researchers have always been fascinated by the natural amber and among them many results, it was concluded that the natural amber has reached a ” solid state ” and resistance over time due to oxidation. A unique feature of amber ( and probably the most prolific ) is that it picks up heat when you hold it in your hand or when it is worn on the skin and provides a very relaxing feeling .

baltic amber teething necklace etsyUse of Baltic amber teething necklace is also a tradition of several centuries in many regions of the world and is quickly becoming the most popular “natural” for teething infants and children remedy. Amber performs its wonderful healing without being rubbed on the gums or swallowed or other invasive methods. You simply need to be worn and skin contact to provide the benefits of pain relief .

Baltic amber teething necklace colorsAnd why Baltic amber teething necklace is a soft natural remedy , it is completely safe , non – toxic and has no side effects whatsoever. So what makes it so unique Baltic amber and incredibly effective? It has one of the highest concentrations of succinic acid that can be found in nature. And “ingredient” in the active composite tissue of plants and animals that have gathered in the fossil resin. And ” the main driver of these profound and beneficial effects on the human body in its ability to heal and eliminate pain .

Is it a baby or a child teething ? Want to know when one of you get a good night’s sleep ? Would you like to stop the pain, even for a few precious minutes ? Perhaps it is time for you to turn the natural remedy for teething pain especially … teething necklace Baltic amber .

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