Bezet engagement ring


A man who is looking for the right engagement ring for his loved one, who is in fact a woman with contemporary taste and style, can in fact consider bezet engagement ring as the best option to choose. An engagement ring that is made in s style like this has similarity to the woman. It is that the ring has some values of contemporary design inside. The easiest value that can be seen in this ring is no other else but the simplicity in the design.

bezet engagement ring TiffanyIn the design of bezet engagement ring, usually there is a single precious stone or gem used. It may be the reason why this ring is also suitable to be called as an example of solitaire engagement ring. The difference of this ring design with other solitaire ring design is that the precious stone seems to be secured not by claws but by a part of the setting that cover the edge of the stone fully. This detail of ring setting is actually the one that makes the ring to own not only simplicity but also boldness that makes it perfect for anyone with contemporary taste. The boldness is even better because usually the ring shank is made to be round too. This kind of ring shank is simple and definitely makes the ring to be more comfortable to use.

bezet engagement ring settingMost designs applied for the stone of bezet engagement ring is actually a round stone. Even so, it does not mean that round stone is the only type of stone that can be used for this ring design. Some other stone shapes can also be chosen beneath it all. Some examples of the shapes are; cushion diamond cut, pear diamond cut, princess diamond cut, and many others. Despite the fact that is just mentioned, still round cut diamond is the best one for this engagement ring design. Other than that diamond, other material that can make the ring best in design is white precious metal that is so perfect for the contemporary idea. Hopefully, the information mentioned here will be helpful for men who are looking for the right engagement rings for their ladies with unique contemporary taste.

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