Big engagement rings and the perfect shaped precious stones that adorn them


Big engagement rings that are adorned with precious stones especially diamonds are ones that should be ordered carefully. It is something that can be said to have relation with the design applied to the rings actually. For this kind of rings, center stones are very important details that can be said to be the focal points. Since the stones have a quite large size for engagement rings, it is so much better if not only the types of them that are paid attention to. It will be much better if the types of shape for the center stones are also thought about really carefully. Choosing the right shape for the center stone of big ring that you will be used as important part in your engagement will make the ring to look so pretty.

Big engagement rings for cheapAs we all know, there are so many types of diamond shapes available at this point of time. Some are more beautiful than others and are already used in famous big engagement rings that are already known since long ago. Without a doubt, those rings and also the type of shapes used in their center stones are good example that you can pay attention to. The first example of the famous rings is the 5 carat diamond ring belongs to Christina Aguilera. The shape of center stone on her ring is round. Round shape like this is classic actually. Even so, it is still beautiful especially of the ring is also adorned with small side stones.

Big engagement rings for womenThe next example of famous and big engagement rings with perfect shape of diamond on top of it is Beyonce’s engagement ring. The shape of diamond of this ring is emerald, a rather square shape that actually looks so special because it seems that there are some different layers seen in the diamond. The size of diamond used in her ring is fascinating. It is an 18 carat diamond that certainly cost a lot. People mention that the price of this ring is more than $5 million. When taking this ring as example, it does not mean that you have to choose exactly the same size of diamond for the ring because it might just lead you to bankruptcy. You can just take the design and also types of diamond shape used in the ring that finally make it a very special ring for engagement.

Big engagement rings on fingers