Black diamond cross necklace


Black diamond cross necklace is a religious jewelry that is in fact quite suitable to be chosen for men. Without any doubt, the major reason about why it is mentioned to be so is because this necklace is mainly decorated with natural stone which color match the tough characteristic of men the most. Black diamond itself is actually a precious stone that is known by the name of carbonado. One thing that is found to be interesting about this stone is not only because of the fact that it is quite rare and expensive. It is also because of the fact that this stone is the toughest among all other diamonds. This seems to make the necklace that is decorated with black diamond to be even better for men, right?

Black diamond cross necklace white goldBlack diamond cross necklace for men is definitely different to the one designed for women if seen from the design. For men, it is better if the design is bold. Other than that, usually the design is also quite simple without too many details. If something unique is wanted, cross pendant with shield design that is decorated with cross engraving on it. Other than that, something masculine like cross design that is engraved on military name tag pendant. These are only some examples that can be chosen for the necklace. Certainly, there are many other great design examples that can be chosen to make the necklace looks manly too.

Black diamond cross necklace ImagesOther than the shape of pendant in the black diamond cross necklace, it is also important to pay attention to the chain that is also the part of the necklace. Because the main color theme that is applied in the necklace is black, it can be said that there are two colors perfect to be chosen for the necklace chain. Those colors are white also black. The white color chain is of course made from precious materials that are already familiar among all of us, including white gold, silver, titanium, palladium, and some others. Other than that, black color chain can also match the color of the black pendant perfectly. The example for this is colored gold. Other alternative that can be chosen is black leather chain that in fact looks so masculine as well.

mens black diamond cross necklace