Black ring with pink diamond


Have you ever think about the possibility for another type of precious stones that can possibly be combined in the design of black ring with pink diamond? If you have never think about such thing before, you really have to know that the combination of black color ring setting ad also pink diamond can actually be made perfect by the addition of other precious stone in other color that is neither black nor pink. The type of precious stones that can possibly be involved in the design is no other else but any precious stone which color is white.

black ring with pink diamond imagesFor a quite long time, white precious stones are often be used in a lot of creations of black ring with pink diamond. Of course, these stones are not used as the main elements in the ring design but more as complement or something that will complete the overall design. Sometimes, these precious stones are often called also as the surrounding stones in the ring design. As surrounding stones in the black ring, it cannot be denied that the color of white precious stones are so contrast with the other two materials, which are the pink center stone and also the black precious metal. Even if it is so, it is not really a problem because of the fact that each color of each material can complete one another perfectly. Moreover, each of the different colors creates such a bold-looking style of the ring that finally makes the ring to look totally fascinating as a precious accessory.

For the placement of the surrounding stones in black ring with pink diamond, the most common placement is in the channel that is available in the ring shank. That is why, the most common type of ring setting used for the kind of ring design that we are talking about since the beginning is no other else but the channel set. With all details that are included in the ring designs, this can be a perfectly gorgeous precious accessory that will perfect the look of every woman who wears it. Moreover, a ring with design like this can possibly also be used as engagement or even wedding ring.

black ring with pink diamond 2014

black ring with pink diamond on the finger