Blue bubble necklace


Wearing blue bubble necklace is not that easy. It is not only because of the outfit that will really bring out the fascinating design and color of the necklace. In fact, it is actually also about the right type of neckline of the outfit which is really suitable to be combined with the bib design owned by the necklace. Choosing the right outfit neckline will enables you to look even better when wearing the necklace around your neck.

blue bubble necklace outfitBasically, the design of blue bubble necklace is quite large. It has a quite big volume because of the use of bubble beads as the main material. Based on this fact, it seems you have to maximize the use of this design, in relation to the type of neckline you have to choose, in order to make your appearance looks perfect. In this case, the only best neckline to combine with the design of the necklace is no other else but scoop neckline. This is the one leaves a quite big empty space on your upper chest. Even if it is totally fine for you to leave the space empty, it is definitely better for you to do something about it. You can wear an accessory, like the necklace we are talking about here, in order to fill the empty space at the same time when it makes you look fancier.

cobalt blue bubble necklaceIn wearing necklace, you have to know that different types of neckline can really make the necklace looks better on you. The same idea is of course applicable also in the use of blue bubble necklace as a fashion accessory. The type of neckline mentioned previously, which is the scoop neckline is actually only one example of the best neckline to combine with bubble necklace. Of course, there are some other alternatives types of neckline you can choose. As suggestion, you can limit the type of neckline in something that leaves quite large empty space in order to bring out the necklace perfectly just like the scoop neckline. For example, you can choose deep scoop neckline, deep V neckline, or even cowl neckline as alternatives.

navy blue bubble necklace

royal blue bubble necklace