Blue opal earrings


Blue opal earrings are surprising gems flashing with all the colors of the rainbow. They are made of small spheres of hydrated silica , the silica component is the sand making sand! How to form small drops of water trapped within the lattice of spheres in an irregular manner . Water diffracted light passing through the stone , resulting in a magical play of colors , known as opalescence name for which this stone is famous!

blue opal earrings imagesHowever , not all opals are the same! There are four main categories of opal, white stone and black crystal, which differ in their transparency and color of the host rock. Blue opal earrings also have different levels of opalescence . And even if fashion dictates the popularity of the types of modification of opal, some types of opals are more suitable to some rather than other forms of opal jewelry . So that the shape which best suits jewelry?

White opals are the most abundant of these gems . They have a milky white appearance which can vary from nearly opaque to translucent . The more milk as the background of the host rock , the harder it is to see the flashes of fire opalescence . Their beauty is more easily visible in direct sunlight . Their pale appearance and relative affordability means that often are fixed, cabochons, metal parts silver jewelry for every day .

Blue opal earrings silverBlue opal earrings are the rarest forms Gemstone most sought after and most expensive. Some of the best in the world comes from Lightning Ridge in Australia. The host rock is usually black , blue, brown or dark gray , and offers the ideal backdrop against which to view the glorious color of these gemstones screen . They look like an angry storm cloud behind a rainbow.

The plight of blacks opals is best enjoyed at the sight . They are generally defined as cabochon . And I’m pretty dramatic to hold their own even alongside diamonds in a signature piece of fine jewelry pendant as a wonderful birthday or an engagement ring .

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