Bubble bead necklace


When you are told about bubble bead necklace, it is so possible for you to think that it is a type of toy that is often made by kids using beads. For kids, of course this kind of definition is totally right. Even so, for adults, the necklace is actually something different. This necklace is not always precious or semi-precious because the materials that are used to create it are really various. Even if it is so, you have to know also is that actually this necklace is quite trending right now because of the very unique design that it has and also the lots variety of colors that are usually available for it.

bubble bead necklace on EtsyJust like the name that is applied to it, bubble bead necklace is often made with the design of bubble shape. Some variation, like tear drop shape, is often used in order to make the necklace looks even prettier. For the materials that are used in the production of this necklace it can be said that the materials are various. Other than the material used for the chain of the necklace, the beads are mostly made from resin. If you do not know about what kind of material it is, resin is actually a natural raw material that is taken from some plants, including coniferous trees. This material is used quite often in many types of production including the production bubble bead accessory like the necklace that we are talking about here.

bubble bead necklace handmadeIf seen from the design, this bubble bead necklace is often made in bib design. The exceptional design may be the reason why the necklace is so perfect to choose as statement necklace. Because of this design also, women who wear the necklace should know about the clothes that should be worn in order to match the shape of the necklace. As suggestion, wearing strapless dress or top is great. Other than that, you can also wear something with low neck. Those types of clothes will make the necklace to be prominent. Besides, it can also compliment the neck and face perfectly so that each woman can really look beautiful wearing the necklace around her neck.

bubble bead statement necklace