Canary diamond rings


Canary diamond rings are interesting no other else but because of the canary diamonds that are used to crown them. For you who do not know about this type of diamond yet, it is actually a natural diamond stone that can usually be identified from the natural yellow color that it has. For you to know, the yellow color that this diamond own is not only limited in one shade of yellow. The fact is that the color can also vary to brownies yellow, greenish yellow and also yellow color with a bit touch of orange. That is why a canary diamond can be lighter or even darker in color than other canary diamond.

yellow canary diamond ringsOne thing that is found to be quite fascinating from canary diamond rings because of the diamond decoration that these rings have is that the rings are in fact so valuable. The really high price of the rings makes not all people can own the rings. That is why, only those who are so wealthy can own the rings and that is also why owning the rings are something extremely prestigious. In this world, it is known that there are some significant people who own or at least ever been given the honor to wear this kind of diamond ring. Let us say that there is Hillary Clinton who wore a very rare canary diamond ring named the Kahn Canary Diamond, which was found in Arkansas in the year of 1977.

Canary diamond rings tiffanyBesides the fact that the price of canary diamond rings can be so high, you have to know also that actually the rings are not always available. The main cause of this is the very high level of rarity that canary diamonds have. It means that even if there are people who have a huge amount of money to purchase diamond rings that are adorned with the canary diamonds, they are not always able to do so because the rings are not always available. This may be the reason why some rings with canary diamonds, such as the Kahn Canary, got famous, including also the people who wear or own the rings.

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