Cartier engagement rings with elegant style


“Love has a color and a name”: whether it opens up to reveal a solitaire engagement ring or keeps a wedding ring safe, the red case bears witness to your commitment and your promise to your betrothed. An engagement or wedding ring by Cartier is a sublime token of love and commitment. Engagement and wedding rings by Cartier are instantly recognizable among thousands. Some models have been famous since 1925, and all of them attest to Cartier’s creative energy. Wearing a Cartier ring is an undisputable sign of distinction. Experienced and skilled, Cartier’s master craftsmen make each piece of jewelry come alive. Diamonds selected for exceptional purity and fire are mounted on prongs, or used in collet settings or paving, transforming each ring into a unique creation. The first Cartier Engagement Rings on our list is Ballerina ring. The name of this solitaire evokes the world of dance, harmony and balance. The setting provides a delicate, feminine backdrop to the diamond. Platinum 950 ‰ ring set with brilliant-cut diamonds, central brilliant-cut diamond available from 1.00 to 4.99 cts. Metal girdle set with diamonds under the centre stone.

Cartier Engagement Rings Louis

Cartier diamonds undergo the most rigorous selection. Firstly, Cartier considers only diamonds certified GIA (Gemological Institute of America), an independent international certification body chosen by Cartier for its impartiality of judgment in diamond selection. A combination of subtle characteristics, the 4Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut), allow only the rarest of diamonds to qualify for the Cartier selection process. And so the next Cartier Engagement Rings on our list is Louis Cartier solitaire platinum diamond ring. Simple geometry and absolute elegance characterise this solitaire, whose setting in the form of the C is a tribute to Louis Cartier. Platinum 950‰ ring, central brilliant-cut diamond available from 0.23 to 0.49 ct.

cartier engagement rings ballerina

And the last Cartier Engagement Rings on our list is a solitaire 1985 ring. This solitaire has been a Cartier classic since 1895. The elegance of the lines is unique, the refined and light setting allows the light of the diamond to flow freely. Platinum 950‰ ring set with brilliant-cut diamonds, central heart-shaped diamond available from 1.50 to 5.00 ct and over. Also available with a pear-, marquise-, square- or oval-shaped diamond or with a cushion-, princess- or radiant-cut diamond from 2.00 ct.

cartier engagement rings classic