Cartilage chain earrings


Cartilage chain earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory that is worn by fashion conscious people all over the country . If you plan to wear earrings cartilage or just know what they are , read our comprehensive guide to the latest fashion trends .

Cartilage earrings are normally sold separately as one is worn. This can be the left or right ear , however , is positioned in the upper part of the known ear cartilage . This ear portion is thicker than the area of conventional drilling called lobe .

Drilling in this area is done with a needle rather than a piercing gun . When the piercing gun was invented , it was only designed to pierce the lobe that much flesh and blood as cartilage . Great care is taken not to cause pain with a cartilage piercing , however, should be taken care of properly because there is a greater chance of infection.

cartilage chain earrings tumblrAll of the piercings cartilage decomposes into different types of Cartilage chain earrings that refer to the area of the cartilage that is pierced . This includes industrial piercing propeller up ear . The tower of the inner part of the lobe, tragus for the respect of frontal lobe el ‘ or shell to the side of the ear.

Earrings are sold in a variety of models of dumbells , studs , hoops and chains. It is important to know that when you get your cartilage pierced , you must understand that the caliber used . If you have a 0.22 then buy an earring 14 inches , there is a greater chance to close the hole, and you will not be able to return to a larger size without embarrassment.

Buy ear cartilage for any good jewelry store earrings . Make sure they have never been worn before . You can also look online to find a variety of online stores that sell and ship within 48 hours.

Cartilage chain earrings bowPrice of earrings for Cartilage chain earrings area depends on the quality and materials. An earring pure gold , obviously cost more an earring plastic . Price from a few dollars and can go up to hundreds , if you start to buy earrings with diamonds in them.

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