Cartilage stud earrings


At the first mention of Cartilage stud earrings, perhaps the first word of the journey through the mind is ouch . It is also called a propeller when drilling is performed on top of the helix or cartilage of the ear. However, this is the region of the outer ear that does not have much meat. This is perhaps not as painful as it may be less feeling of neurons in the region. However, some are likely to have a different opinion , as they recall their ears being wrung in their childhood.

Although this hole is shaped similar to the ear lobe , the method is considered more complex . There have been cases where the procedures do not correct or carried out by inexperienced piercer caused ridges or bumps on the ear cartilage healed. To avoid these problems , see the experienced and the hole centers.

cartilage stud earrings tumblrDepending on the size of the outer Cartilage stud earrings and tripe , the number of piercing cartilage can be a single hole or a line of propeller at the end . The ear can be a real showcase of jewelry present a trail of color of the rainbow, ranging from simple stud or ring , optionally extravagant.

Cartilage stud earrings loveLike all piercings are invasive procedures , maintaining good hygiene after having made them . Keep clean and moisturized with creams or lotions place anti- bacterial . Since it is to the ear, be especially careful when combing or run your fingers through your hair. If you’re the sporty type of people, it is best to stay away from contact activities of the Cartilage stud earrings. You do not want to accidentally pull your ear or hang it on something else, causing further complications. To speed up the healing process, to practice a healthy lifestyle by eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and liquids.

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