Casio military watches


There are a number of watches that work well in all situations, and the army is one of those Casio military watches. There are a number of features that make it the perfect watch for divers, military personnel, or an athlete , and it is a reliable watch that will last long .

Why Casio ?

Casio is one of those brands in the world which is known for its quality , accuracy , time, superior craftsmanship and design that distinguish it from the rest of the watches in the world .

Casio is a Japanese company that has been around since 1946 and is renowned for its quality designs for calculators, cameras , musical instruments and watches. Casio released its first watch, CASIOTRON in 1974. He published the first G- Shock watch nine years later , in 1983, and had sold 19 million units by 1998 .

Casio G -Shock are known to last for many years and are strong and durable and affordable.

The Watch :

casio military watches Green Casio military watches is designed to withstand shock , water , mud and extreme conditions. The design provides the best performance in difficult conditions of any kind. The watch was inspired by the military, and was sold for many years , which proves that you can take the heat .


The functions of the piece are many , and they all very handy when using the watch in extreme conditions come .

* The band itself is made of hard rubber that can withstand a lot of pressure , and acts as a cushion to absorb shock at the wrist .
* The glass on the face is durable quartz that is resistant to scratches and cracks . And “reliable up to 200 meters deep.
* The alarm , stopwatch and clock are all manufactured with the ability to precision timing , and , like all Casio watches are known to be reliable as an atomic clock.

Who is this?

casio military watches for menThe Casio military watches is perfect for anyone in high contact or extreme sports . Climbers, skiers and snowboarders have found to be a sports watch Casio is perfect , holding even at high altitude and cold, as it does under normal conditions.

Many climbers and hikers are also found to be a good choice for them, as the rubber strap is comfortable and provides extra support for your wrists.

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