Celtic rings for men


Celtic rings for men are popular pieces of jewelry not only for the Irish , but who craves for rings with unique designs. Celtic rings are not just full of symbolism, are steeped in history , folklore and mystery too .

Celtic sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver is a popular choice of precious material for the Celtic rings . This type of silver contains 92.5 % of silver alloy and 7.5% of other metals such as copper, platinum , germanium or zinc. This jewelery comes with a certificate of authentication or is stamped into the ring as a guarantee of purity. Sterling silver has a title of 925 thousandths. Basically , when you buy silver, your main concern is that you do not see any flaws or defects are visible in the ring. Go to a trusted jeweler to ensure that you get the real deal.

Celtic rings for men Designs Celtic rings for men are available for men, women and children. These rings can be worn as wedding rings , engagement rings , rings of protection of men , and much more. They are available in many styles and ornaments ( precious stones, birthstones , etc. ) different .

Some rings Celtic designs you can choose from are:

1. Claddagh Band

The Claddagh ring can be traced in the fishing village of Claddagh near Galway in Ireland. This ring is traditionally passed from mother to daughter or given by a man to his beloved signify their relationship. The design is unique , two delicate hands holding a heart topped by a crown. The heart represents love , the hands symbolize friendship and the crown , a sign of loyalty . How the ‘ ring is worn indicates the current user romantic : married, engaged or in a relationship open to finding love .

There are several variations of origin Claddagh design . Some have precious or semi -precious stones inlaid either the heart or the crown or surround the group. Others use a combination of silver and other precious metals such as gold, titanium or platinum.

2 . Celtic Knot

Celtic rings for men 2014The Celtic knot is endless and unbroken , symbolizing eternity. This design Celtic rings for men is commonly available in engagement rings and wedding . Different interpretations of the node are ” cut ” design of the characters and motifs.

The crux of the Trinity or triquetra is a variant that represents the Holy Trinity or the Triple Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Celtic tradition . This design seems to have neither beginning nor end.

The design of the insulation ring node consists of individual units or single node . Instead of running the circumference of the band , a number of unconnected nodes are visible solitaire ring.Celtic rings for men Etsy