Celtic wedding bands for your special day


From the times of the Ancients, wedding rings have been exchanged as tokens of love and commitment. Celtic Wedding bands are unique in that they have their own tradition and history. Their design is unlike any other type of wedding rings and they provide a wonderful alternative to the traditional plain gold or platinum wedding bands. One of the most well know styles of celtic wedding ring is the Claddagh ring an instantly recognizable design as it is composed of a heart surrounded by clasping hands, topped off with a crown, and it symbolises friendship and love.

celtic wedding bands celtic knot

The three elements of the Claddagh ring are important as each has an important symbolic meaning. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty, so together they combine to create a very powerful symbolic representation of love.
Another celtic wedding bands design, and one which many people will perhaps be most familiar with, is the Celtic Knot. The Celtic knot design can be seen carved on ancient stones and monuments and is based on the intricate working of knots in a geometric shape. Today it is recognized that there are eight basic patterns to this design and although their precise meaning of these patterns is open to conjecture it is though they are all designed to reflect how life interconnects in an endless cycle.

celtic wedding bands claddagh

An example of one of the celtic wedding bands knots is the Trinity Knot, a triangle shaped knot design which interconnects three points. The Trinity Knot is associated with a number of explanations for its design: its Christian interpretation is that the knot represents the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In Celtic terms it is said to represent the ancient Celts’ own Gods and Goddesses. In terms of its use as a wedding ring this particular design symbolises three aspects of love, namely, advancement of the spirit, belief that existence is eternal and that love is never ending – which explains why this particular knot design is often referred to as the love knot.

celtic wedding bands trinity knot

While the Claddah and Celtic knot design rings have historically been worn by those of Irish or Scottish heritage, their popularity further afield is growing because not only do they represent beautiful and unique design, but their symbolism perfectly embodies the love and commitment of two people who have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together.