Chanel pearl necklace


Fashion dictates that everything should look and feel perfect. As he says late Coco Chanel , a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous personifies and other chic and fabulous great jewelry? Whether you opt for classic, elegant and stylish jewelry or fashion jewelry, one thing is certain : Diamonds may be a girl ‘s best friend , but Swarovski crystals are his family.

Chanel pearl necklace 2014One of the main pieces of jewelry that complement a fashion statement is the necklace . Chanel pearl necklace were worn by ancient civilizations , even from before the invention of writing. The use of necklaces is believed to have started during the Stone Age, in which the collars are not hanging with string , rope or chain , but the vines and strong animal remains left to hunt tendons which were tied together and decorated with shells, bones and teeth , as well as feathers, corals , carved pieces of wood and basically anything they could scrounge for cavemen .

From these early beginnings , the songs evolved slowly necklace more beautiful , stronger , particularly during the Bronze Age, when humans learned to melt and manipulate metal and threw him into shape. Bronze , copper, silver , gold, platinum and electro were some of the metals commonly used to create compelling projects , enriched with the addition of finely cut precious stones and glass art .

chanel pearl necklace 2013The invention of crucibles and blowtorches was the creation of Chanel pearl necklace to a new level with the advent of stainless steel and titanium , as well as the emergence of miniaturization and laser engraving to allow complex designs and illustrations finely detailed . You can see other examples of the perfect evolution of the series online and see why they have become the focus of fashion trends worldwide .

The advent of what is known as necklaces declaration paves the way for a timeless fashion that has become more than a fad . Chunky necklaces used to be considered as you look left and do not avant-garde but by Hollywood A-listers and even the First Lady Michelle Obama has started to wear to important events in the state and the red carpet, they became great in those days, it will be difficult not to see a fashionable woman in 20 feet is wearing a necklace pendants statement or at least cleverly layers and channels either for work or for a night of a girl.

chanel pearl necklace black and whiteThe popularity of necklaces Declaration has reached meteoric heights , so that was conveniently forgotten that statement necklaces are not for everyone , or at least not for those who do not know how to wear them . Even if you check out sites like Oz Bling necklaces for example, and vertigo just looking to browse the wide selection of Chanel pearl necklace statement necklaces from beads necklace beads are chains, necklaces statement like wearing floral leggings , adapt to your personal style to look good.