Chocolate diamond ring


Chocolate diamond ring is not actually a common fine jewelry that is adorned with brown diamonds on it. The fact is that chocolate diamond is actually a trademark and also a special product of Le Vian Jewelry, who is famous because of the use of food names for all of their collections. This is definitely something that makes the company to be famous. Moreover, the fame is obtained not only from the names given to the jewelry collections but also because of the designs applied to each creation that Le Vian produces. For the ring collections that are involved in the category of chocolate diamond, the main highlight is located in the use of brown diamond that is combined with other fine and precious materials.

chocolate diamond ring SetsOther thing that is also found to be unique about this chocolate diamond ring collections is that each detail material used in each ring to combine the chocolate diamond is also given the name of food. For example, instead of calling white diamonds, this unique jewelry store prefers to call them vanilla diamonds. Other than that, there is also green diamonds which are called as kiwiberry diamonds. The same thing is also applied in the three most common precious metals that are used as the main materials of the ring mountings. The name of those materials are vanilla gold for white gold, strawberry gold for rose gold, and also honey gold for yellow gold. All of those are unique, aren’t they?

chocolate diamond ring yellow goldThe last but not least thing that makes chocolate diamond ring collections of Le Vian to be special is that these are often used also by world’s famous celebrities, especially the female ones. For example, there is Elizabeth Henstridge who was recently known to wear Chocolate Diamonds Gladiator ring on the premiere of her new movie. Other than that, there is also J-Lo who wore Chocolate Diamonds Strawberry Gold ring on her performances. If something wicked is wanted, there is Rihanna as an example. She was spotted wearing a Chocolate Diamonds and Vanilla Diamonds ring which shape is the shape of a serpent. This kind of rings is definitely perfect for any street style even if the ring is totally precious.

Chocolate diamond ring rose gold

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