Classic engagement rings for women


Trust, commitment and love are three cornerstones of a healthy marriage. The fourth is much more expensive, tangible and downright shiny: the engagement ring. Choosing an engagement ring causes countless grooms to sweat bullets and empty their bank accounts of about two months’ salary, the average cost of an engagement ring according to diamond industry experts. Women are pretty perceptive when it comes to engagement rings, and they’ve probably discussed ring preferences before. A little lighthearted window-shopping in advance of the big proposal can also prove valuable. Discerning women will certainly appreciate the opportunity to let their heart’s desire be known.

classic engagement rings organic design

A solitaire engagement ring is the definition of classic, focusing on the magnificence of your diamond or gemstone, and offering a wonderful opportunity to be passed down as a family heirloom. So solitaire engagement ring is one example of classic engagement rings. Solitaire rings look great with modest sized diamonds and maintain elegance carrying even the most sizable gems. Additionally, because of their clean lines, diamond solitaires engagement rings marry well with any wedding band.

classic engagement rings sapphire

Classic engagement rings permits (or even demands) the center diamond or other gemstone to play the leading role. Solitaire engagement rings offer unparalleled simple beauty, they are streamlined, elegant, and never cave to trends.  They are ideal for a bride who wants a simple engagement ring. Variations on this classic style include changing the diamond shape, you might consider an emerald cut diamond, a pear shaped diamond, or a cushion cut diamond for a ring that blends a traditional design with a touch of uniqueness. Another option is to select a colored diamond, like fancy yellow, or a sapphire for the center gem.

classic engagement rings solitaire

Other classic engagement rings styles include those with wider bands, with or without detailing within them (knife edge, scrolling, hand etching), as well as more contemporary aesthetics, such as bezel-set diamond solitaires, or something with a modern curve. There are also other models of classic engagement rings. The ring consists of a few diamonds, but still look classic and simple and still beautiful at your fingertips. The ring below is example of classic wedding band with an organic design. Textured wedding ring made from a real twig cast in solid recycled 18k white gold. This is a feminine and earthy ring

classic engagement rings