Cocktail rings


Cherry Cocktail Ring

For those who don’t know it yet, cocktail rings are large rings designed to make huge statement because of its highly dramatic designs. Cocktail rings that are custom made earned its named during the United States’ prohibition era, wherein they become a sign to show that bearers are drinking illegally. The expensive ones were simply meant to make a statement that its wearer were breaking the law of drinking illegally.


These days, simply look at the current cocktail rings in the jewelry store and you’ll see how these jewelry pieces upgraded over time. Cocktail rings are just like your hairstyle or your red lipstick. They make a statement. This is what cocktail rings are about. Unlike the dainty and subtle pieces of jewelry, cocktail rings simply make a huge statement, not to mention that they are huge and noticeable that solicits large attention.

Citrus Cocktail Ring

For the most part, these cocktail rings are here to stay for everyone. With a lot of celebrities becoming captivated with these eye-catching sparklers. There are many different styles for different kinds of girls. Whether you’re the glam type, the boho-chic, girl next door or even for those punk rock lads. The cocktail rings could be made with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, jade or even fancy plastic. Whatever the material be, such rings are gaining much buzz for being the insignia of empowerment.


Cocktail rings could surely infuse glamour and charm for your every outfit. Simply put your jeans and shirts, little black dress or even your subtle night dress, and as long as you have this kind of ring in your finger, you’ll surely become a star. You’ll definitely enjoy the glances of admiration by every people in the crowd to your ring.


Generally, cocktail rings work well with high and elaborated neckline dresses. When you have such style of neckline, it is somewhat not good to wear those statement necklaces. You will not look impressive that way. Otherwise, you’ll look bad and a biggest fashion catastrophe. If you perfectly look amazing, from top to bottom, it would be best for you to spare your finger for another statement. An additional sparkle from a cocktail ring is a good idea.

Cocktail Ring

As most of the fashion experts say, it’s best to wear cocktail rings in your right hand. At all cost, avoid wearing it on your left hand. This is for the reason that it will convey the message of your being empowered, successful and that you are confident enough to face the world. Buying as well as wearing expensive jewelry pieces will provide you that sense of success when people notice how good your ring is.


There is just a number of places where you can get these cocktail rings to create a statement. Simply find the one suitable to your taste, wear them whenever you feel like being fancy and of course, to standout. Cocktail rings aren’t really that expensive, but it is still an investment. So, if you want all of the benefits, saving for such would be ideal.