Colored engagement rings for her


Now, colored engagement rings are become popular. Gemstone especially diamonds, naturally come in a rainbow of colors; yellow, orange, brown, green, aquamarine, black and even red.  The rarity of their colour also comes with a matching pricetag, making them the most expensive gems.  So why not look at a coloured gemstone instead? Gemstones are usually millions of years old, and are believed to bring much beauty and power to the wearer, so choose wisely and then pick one that feels right. You don’t just have to choose the bride’s favourite gemstone. Since gems all have meanings, why not choose a stone that is symbolic to the two of you?  You could choose the birthstone of the month of your first meeting, first date, or first kiss.  A dual birthstone engagement ring respresents both the bride and the groom.  If you like a particular stone, it doesn’t matter if the stone represents a certain month or not.

colored engagement rings dainty

If you are considering a colored engagement rings gemstone, consider the meaning behind the stone when creating the ring.  She will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, why not make it special and full of meaning. Of the precious stones: the classic Diamond symbolizes innocence and constancy; a Sapphire represents fidelity; an Emerald faith and hope; and a Ruby stimulates deep understanding and attainment of the heart’s wishes.

colored engagement rings sapphire

One of the big wedding trends of 2013 is for brides-to-be to off their personalities with colorful, non-traditional stones. I will give you some examples of colored engagement rings. The first is a dainty gold tone ring. The ring has a round amber colored stone. The band looks to be hand pounded. This ring looks simple but nice with the amber stone in the middle of ring. The coloured amber stone make you seem classic and mysterious.

colored engagement rings sterling silver

The second example of colored engagement rings is sterling silver white moonstone engagement ring. This is a custom made Sterling Silver Engagement Ring with a white moonstone cabochon that is bezel set. It has a hand constructed each stirrup shaped ring from sterling silver square wire and then it have soldered the two rings together. The band then has soldered a hand formed bezel to the top of the ring for the smooth white moonstone. This ring is so comfortable to wear in this shape because it won’t spin around on your finger and will allow for your finger to go up and down in size with out it feeling too tight or loose.

colored engagement rings pink