Couples promise rings


A promise ring , sometimes called the Couples promise rings is a gift that binds you to your promise, and reminded him of the promise of the donor. This ring can be a sign of love, commitment , chastity, or even abstinence from substances . Generally given to man to woman , or from parent to child , a promise ring is a talisman that gives a sense of promise permanent substance , when words are not enough .

Couples promise rings setAn opportunity to give a Couples promise rings is a commitment to a relationship. Young couples who may not be ready for marriage can seal their plans for the future with a promise ring worn on the left ring girl . If they stay together the ring serves as a constant reminder of their promise , and if they have to be separated because of college or career , the ring reminds the girl of his companion absent, while others doing that his heart is taken.

Ring between the pairs could mean :

– I will come back to you
– I ‘ll marry you one days
– I’ll be true to you
– I’ll stay abstinent until we get married

Another example that can be given a promise ring between a parent and child . When a young woman is alone , can be protected against bad choices with a reminder of those at home who care about the sound , and a specific promise he made to his parents, or that they have done for her.

A ring of father to son could mean :

– I’ll keep you in my heart
– I will always be there for you
– I will stay pure and chaste
– I do not want to abuse substances

matching couples promise ringsCouples promise rings can also be exchanged between friends to symbolize the permanence of friendship , but in this case the two parties exchange rings and the rings are usually worn on the ring finger ( not to be confused with a ring that denotes a relationship) .

It’s not often that men receive engagement rings, because they do not get engagement rings. If you are considering a promise ring for a man who loves jewelry , consider a bit ‘ simple ring without stones . An incision inside showing promise ring would be a personal touch, without looking too flashy .

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