Cuff earrings with chain


I always thought that the drawings abandonment like a teardrop on a French hook , but I recently discovered a series of funky amber earrings do not like all the rest . The couple Cuff earrings with chain that I found was a piece of orange green square on top, then a small chain and a silver box of rectangular shape with a round pendant pearl orange box. Very fresh and modern and reasonably priced under $ 60. The green is subtle, with a hint of yellow , not the usual honey yellow but close to a lemon color .

The second point that I ‘m in love with a very chic circle with a single drop of amber. It sounds simple , but the effect is not surprising because the heel is large enough to clearly see the fossil of the jewel . The hoops are sterling silver and priced at just under $ 85.

cuff earrings with chain Black silverPerhaps best of all are a pair of Cuff earrings with chain that first swing with a dark green stone , then a second layer with about 3 deep amber stones bright , almost orange. And ‘ more than most couples simply drops, but for the evening are exquisite, perhaps sit just above the shoulders , ideal with a strapless bodice . They are really cheap , retailing for just under $ 40.

Cuff earrings with chain etsyI also saw a couple that I wanted to recommend that the random earrings until I saw the price and I realized they were the most expensive of all the earrings that I ‘ had seen so far. They are not fancy , but they have a funky style that incorporates a triangular cut piece of amber on top of which hang chains, very ordinary normal advertising , but are shaped pieces of amber at different levels of the Cuff earrings with chain that tinkle and clink . The shapes are strange, like hot peppers in golden amber and yellow arrows . Like I said, not elegant , but very funky for casual wear. It ‘ a shame that cost almost $ 113 , but perhaps this is due to the quality of amber. I noticed that every little orange shape is really translucent , almost transparent and the color is vivid.