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Cultured pearls earrings are the ones which cannot be separated from the cultured pearls themselves. Do you know about what cultured pearls are actually? All these time, so many people only know that pearls can be found only at seas naturally where all the clams that produce the pearls live. The fact is right now people already find some better ways so they can harvest pearls way easier than before. Besides, the number of pearls they can obtain in a harvest can be much more than the number of pearls can be obtained in a hunt at sea. One of the ways mentioned earlier is none other but cultured way which is also well-known as the pearl farms.

Cultured pearls drop earringsThe pearls used in cultured pearl earrings are not always farmed at sea. For you to know there are also pearls which are cultured in freshwater farms. In simple words, it can be said that there are two types of cultured pearls known at this point of time. Those are sea cultured pearls and freshwater cultured pearls. For the first type, until now it is known that there are so many areas known to be the best area to produce the kind of cultured pearls. If you want to know some examples of those areas Okinawa and also Tahiti are the best ones. The best products known from these waters are black pearls which are actually known to be one of the rarest pearls on earth. In these places, the black pearls can already be cultured so the stock of black pearls for jewelry making, including also the making of the earrings, can be much more than before. Even so, it cannot be denied that the price of the black pearls is still high there.

Cultured pearls earrings Kate MiddletonFor the second type of pearls used in the cultured pearl earrings design, which is the freshwater cultured pearls, the lakes and also rivers of China are known to be the places in which the pearls are farmed the most. Compared to the ones which are cultured at sea, these pearls are usually rather small in sizes. Other than this, a perfect round shape is also the one which is rarely found in these pearls.

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