Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings and the Interesting Facts You Can Find in It


Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are not only special because of the fact that these are included in the category of highly precious engagement rings. The fact is that these rings have some best interesting facts in relation to the use of cushion cut diamond in the design. For instance, in general, cushion cut diamond is also known in other name, which is no other else but the pillow cut diamond. Of course, this is caused by the similarity of meaning in both ‘cushion’ and ‘pillow’ words. Other than that, the diamond cut is actually known in one other name, which is candlelight diamond, a name that is actually more famous in the past than now.

cushion cut diamond engagement rings PriceTalking about the best facts that you will be able to find in cushion cut diamond engagement rings, the fist best fact is found in the design of cushion cut diamond used as the center stone of the rings. This diamond cut is interesting because it is actually a combination of three different diamond cuts at once. Those are; princess cut, oval cut, and also emerald cut that finally make the rings to be quite unique and sometimes even considered as quite antique too. When you see each of these diamond cuts and then try to combine them all together, you will find out that the shape of cushion cut diamond is no other else but the result of the combination. This is one of the most interesting things that can be found in the engagement rings.

cushion cut diamond engagement rings harry winstonOther than the previous one, there is one more interesting thing that is available in every of cushion cut diamond engagement rings is that these are actually quite vintage. Again, it is something that cannot just be separated from the cushion cut diamond. Compared to other any other types of diamond cut, it can be said that cushion cut has less number of facets. This is something that makes the diamond cut to be less brilliant than others. Even if it is so, the uniqueness of shape of the diamond cut makes the less sparkling diamond rings to be quite preferred still at this point of time.

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