Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings and Most Common Design for These


Halo design is not only the one that is suitable for round cut diamond ring but also cushion cut halo engagement rings. The main idea that can be found in halo design is actually not only related to round cut diamond. It is actually more to the design in which the center stone of a diamond ring is surrounded by small-size diamonds. This is the one that makes the design to be called as halo. Especially for the rings that are adorned with cushion cut diamond, there is in fact a design that is always considered to be best for the rings. Here is the brief explanation for you.

cushion cut halo engagement rings AmazonIn the design of cushion cut halo engagement rings that we are talking about here, there are in fact two important things that must always be available. The first one is related to the shank type that is used in the ring setting. These rings will look best if the type of shank used in the design is pave design or channel design. The reason why both of these shank designs are recommended is because these can make the halo rings to look way better since there will be more diamonds used besides the center diamond and the halo diamonds.

cushion cut halo engagement rings 2014One more thing that should not be forgotten in the design of cushion cut halo engagement rings is the choice of color of the diamonds adorning these. It is so sure that more than one color of diamond is possible to be used in these rings. Even so, it is not really the best choice because the best is no other else but the use of single-color diamonds, especially white diamonds. These diamonds can make every fine rings made in this design to look more elegant. It would be even better if the diamonds also have high quality clarity and brilliance so that these will always look sparkly in any ways. Now that you already know about other design of halo rings with diamonds, it is so sure that you have more options to choose in your head whenever you are about to purchase diamond rings in halo design.

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