Cushion cut solitaire aquamarine ring


Cushion cut solitaire ring that is decorated with aquamarine gemstone is a really unique accessory. This uniqueness is not merely about the truth that this ring is a precious jewelry. Instead, it is more to the use of aquamarine gemstone. This stone is more than just an ordinary gemstone. Instead, it is also a birthstone for those who were born in March. Based on this fact, the ring is definitely a perfect choice to choose whenever you are about to find a gift that will be given to someone who was born in that month.

cushion cut solitaire engagement ringsIn the past, aquamarine was believed as a protector for sailor because of the meaning that it has, which is sea water. Right now, the belief is a bit changed not all people are sailors. The new meaning that is still believed to be in this gemstone is protection in every voyage. Giving cushion cut solitaire aquamarine ring to someone that you know, you love or you care about does not only mean that you give a precious accessory to her. Instead, the meaning is more to give protection that will always keep her safe all the time. Other than that, aquamarine is also a stone that has a really calming color of light blue. Believe it or not, this color can also bring calmness to someone who wears the ring. Something like this makes the ring even perfect, right?

If seen from fashion point of view, cushion cut solitaire aquamarine ring is definitely beautiful. It can look prettier if combined with white gold or sterling silver because of the white color of these materials. If being asked about when the ring is perfect to wear, actually it is an accessory that can be worn in every single day. Even if it is so, the colorful characteristic of the gemstone makes the ring to be more suitable to be worn in spring and also summer season. It is even more suitable to be worn in summer season because of the blue sea color owns by the precious stone. With all of these things, there is no reason for you not to choose the ring to be given as a gift later, right?

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cushion cut solitaire ring