Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings and Things That You Have to Know about These


Cushion cut solitaire engagement rings are definitely interesting for you to know more. There are quite a lot of fun facts that you can find in these. For example, these are the rings that belong to classical category of engagement rings. This is not merely about the type of diamond cut used, which is the cushion cut that is also known in the name of pillow cut. In fact, it is more to the use of solitaire design which is actually a very classic design of engagement rings that has been known since a quite long time ago.

Cushion cut solitaire engagement rings weddingbeeThe main idea that can be found in every design of cushion cut solitaire engagement rings is no other else but the design that seems to make gemstone that is used to decorate the ring to be the most prominent thing in the design of the ring in overall. As you may already know, solitaire design in ring means that there is only a single gemstone, which in this case is diamond that is used to adorn the ring. Because of this reason, the most possible type of ring setting to use is no other else but prong ring setting in which the prongs can be used to hold the precious stone perfectly on the center of the ring design.

cushion cut solitaire engagement rings Diamond HaloIn the past, the type of band used in the most common design of cushion cut solitaire engagement rings was usually the simplest band in which no decoration at all found in it. This kind of design makes the gemstone to be even more prominent. Although it is so, the design right now can be quite different since nowadays people tend to have something different that is more decorative than that. That is why sometimes the bad is decorated with small diamonds along the center of it, which is also known as channel ring band. Even if this design is chosen, still the size of the center stone is way bigger that it still becomes the center of attention in the ring design. That is why when the band is chosen it is so much better for bigger cushion cut diamond to be considered more.

Cushion or Oval cut solitaire engagement rings