Cute cartilage earrings


Many people are terrified of acquiring Cute cartilage earrings on the ears and nose because of the bumps that come after the piercing and scars that acquire more compact round exit holes . Often the piercing can also lead to abscesses , pain, pus pocket .

As cartilage piercing is done ?

Cute cartilage earrings imagesHere we reveal to you how it is done ..
1. First, wash your hands with antibacterial soap
2 . Wet the piercing with water
3 . After placing a few drops of antibacterial soap on the piercing, run right into a lather applying a cotton ball.
4 . Loosen cake from rejection and take your jewelry and skin apply a cotton ball.
5 . Leave the antibacterial soap on the piercing for two minutes while rotating the Cute cartilage earrings jewelry back and forth. This facilitates the disinfectant to penetrate the perforation.
6 . Rinse the piercing with water and air dry. Tend not groped to dry it with a towel, for the reason that it might contain bacteria and cause infections .

When and How to Heal ?

cute cartilage earrings EtsyListed here are some essential details and guidelines with regard to the healing of Cute cartilage earrings.
1. In general , it takes 3-12 months to therapeutic purposes , depending on the size of the hole
2 . Do not touch the cartilage piercing with dirty fingers . Also, do not let other people touch until it is completely healed.
3 . Clean the piercing alone time each day until the piercing is fully healed.
4 . Do not change the jewelry until the piercing is healed.
5 . With antibacterial soap , which consists of chloroxylenol or triclosan , to cancel the cartilage piercings
6 . Wash and dry your hair just before piercing , and even later , after the perforation.
7 . Sometimes the infection can be can cause pain , redness and weird discharge . In such scenarios, consult your doctor for the treatment provided .
8 . Do not use Betadine , hydrogen peroxide , alcohol swabs or tea tree oil to clear the cartilage piercing .
9 . Vitamin C and zinc may help infections treatment .

Disadvantages known cartilage piercing

The main disadvantages of cartilage piercing are:

1. infection
The problem is different resources. The ‘ man or woman can get an ear infection and hygiene in the environment you choose for piercing earrings.

2 . healing
Scarring occurs when the tissues are affected in the drilling point . Particular person may have a peak or perhaps a bump in which it is performed incorrectly.

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