Diamond camouflage wedding rings for outdoors activity


Are you the couple who like outdoor adventures or in the army?
Do you feel concerned with your wedding ring that too flashy for your activites?
Don’t worry, wedding rings are now available that is suitable with your activities. Diamond camouflage wedding rings is a ring with a pattern resembling coating for camouflage camo army suit that can camouflage with  ambient conditions.

diamond camouflage wedding rings outdoors

The process of coating the  rings is called Hydrographic Printing or Camo Dipping.  This is the same process we use to coat gun stocks, bows, automotive parts and various other sporting goods.  The only difference is that each ring we coat requires extra special attention.  These are NOT painted on camo paint, but high quality camo pattern graphics that have been hydrographically imprinted on the rings. Due to the small size of the ring or band, the dipping artists must individually coat each ring to insure a great pattern on every band.  This requires skill and patience.  If they  do not get the result they  want, they  will start it over until the quality is acheived.

 diamond camouflage wedding rings army

You can choose different types of patterns to suit your environment and pleasure activities. For those of you who indulge in the mountains or tropical rain forests, the patterns of diamond camouflage wedding rings are possible in accordance with the pattern resembles a greenish hue around your trees. while your partner that indulge as an army, you might be more interested in using the pattern according to your camo suit that is brownish.

diamond camouflage wedding rings women

Of course the diamond camouflage wedding rings are not only for the army men there are also lots of patterns for your choice of women who have hobbies and outdoor activities.There are a lot of outdoor rings that  designed for those ladies who love the outdoors! We all know that women love hunting and the outdoors as much as the guys now and we wanted to offer them some great options as well. The inventor/ camo ring artist have scaled down some of the  ring designs to fit a women’s finger a bit more and produced some products that are fun as well. From the diamond titanium camo ring to the pink Real tree or Mossy Oak logo rings that are sure you can find something cute enough for the lady that loves the outdoors

diamond camouflage wedding rings trees