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Diamond candles rings are definitely something happening in quite a lot of countries in all over the world. For you who do not know about these rings yet, these are actually the ones that can be obtained by purchasing scented candles. Of course, these are not obtained in such simple way. The main idea is introduced by a husband and wife named David and Brenda who open a business of handmade scented candles since the early years of their marriage. The idea itself is the one that came out for the first time when David proposed her, who in fact loves candle, by bringing both diamond ring and a candle.

Diamond candles rings on HandObtaining diamond candles rings is definitely fun because at first you have to purchase the scented candles this brand sells. Then, you have to wait while burning the candles down and enjoying the really fresh fragrances until you find the rings that are wrapped especially and placed inside the candles. Now, most of the ring candles are sold in the price of $24.95 only. Inside each of these, there is a ring which is placed randomly by the candle makers. The ring itself can be various in prices, started from $10 only up to $5000. If you are lucky, it is so certain that you will be able to find the most valuable ring in the candle you purchase.

Diamond candles rings realOne thing that quite a lot of people are curious about the diamond candles rings is related to how much the price of each ring they obtain is. Well actually, there is a quite simple way that can be used in order to identify the price of each ring here. The way is find out what engraving that can be found inside the ring shank. If it is “14k” it means that the ring is included in the most valuable one. If the engraving is something like “Thailand”, “China”, and some sort of engraving, it means that the range of price of the ring is less than $100. The last but not least, if there is no engraving on the inner side of the ring shank, it means that the price of the ring is about $10 but can also be higher up to $100.

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