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Drop pearl earrings are always interesting precious accessories which are loved by so many women. The cause behind this is not only about the beauty of pearls which are natural precious material known since a very long time ago. It is also about the dramatic visual effect can be resulted by wearing the earrings which will move prettily in accordance to the movement of those who wear these. Other reason which also makes the earrings to be interesting is the variety of design available for the earrings. One example of those designs which can be said to be quite interesting for all of us to check out is teardrop design.

drop pearl earrings SilverSame as the name given to these drop pearl earrings, the shape of pearls used in it are pearls which shape is inspired by the shape of teardrop. This shape is actually used quite a lot in jewelry designs and it is not only limited in pearls as the main material of the jewelry because there are a lot of other materials which can be made in this shape, including the most popular one like diamond. For the pearl earrings, there is quite a lot of design combinations used. The simplest one is the design in which the earrings are only decorated with teardrop pearls and the earrings’ hook without any other decoration or combination with other precious material.

Drop Pearl Earrings goldIn other design combination, the drop pearl earrings are often combined with other precious materials which can definitely make the earrings to look more beautiful. For example, these are combined with diamond material at the upper part of the earrings. Other than this, the teardrop pearls in the earrings are also perfect to be combined with white or yellow precious metal especially gold. For you to know, the combination of pearls and yellow gold is the one that always form classic and luxury look in jewelry, including also in the earrings we talk about here. Therefore, for you who always love to wear luxury accessory, earrings in this combination of design can really be chosen as a really good option that will meet your taste perfectly.

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