Ear cartilage earrings


Piercing of earlobes was made for records of history as long , but Ear cartilage earrings has become more popular recently as people seek other ways to adorn their bodies. Be different from the crowd it was important 1000 years ago as it is now apparently. Piercing cartilage piercing is a form of the modern crowd found to be different.

Ear cartilage earrings GoldThe reason for Ear cartilage earrings have taken so long to catch on is unknown , but it is not new , and people have done for thousands of years. However, it is more painful and infection is easier to implement this breakthrough in soft tissue , so maybe that’s why modern men and women took the time today to the adopt .

What is cartilage ?

Cartilage is the connective tissue that forms the structure of your ears, nose and areas around the coast and between the bones of the joints. It is more difficult to pierce the skin and flesh , and easier to damage when the piercing is done . This is why you should never attempt to do yourself, and you should ensure that you have done everything cartilage piercing is done by qualified professional piercer. Damage to cartilage may cause scarring to be very expensive to remove .

cute ear cartilage earringsThis is usually the Ear cartilage earrings that is responsible for cartilage piercings , where there are three popular areas for piercings: tragus , the propeller and the hull. Each of these forms , the bulk of your outer ear, and if you feel that your earlobe , and then the rest of your ear , you will understand the difference in structure between them. Here each of these areas in more detail :

The Tragus Cartilage

The tragus is the small triangular nucleus of cartilage which is just at the entrance of the ear – near your cheekbones . Tragus piercing has become a common form of piercing the cartilage and is often quite area of cartilage that can cause a lot of discomfort when pierced .


The propeller is outside the ear and the crest of the spiral that extends just below , leading the sound waves in the middle ear . The cartilage here is pretty thin, and it is much easier to pierce the tragus . This is where starts ear piercing other than the ear lobe .

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