Earrings for cartilage


Many of us like to play with our looks by dangling jewelry off our ears in the pursuit of beauty and identity. The history of Earrings for cartilage goes back thousands of years and covers a wide range of cultures. Warriors wore plugs to enhance their fierceness and women wore golden rings to improve their merits . Sailors wore earrings to signify that they survived a wreck and some people wore jewelry because they liked the way it looked .

Like a Christmas tree with its ornaments , our ears need something to improve their desirable characteristics . Bone , plastic, wood and precious stones can be hung off the ear lobe or pierced through the cartilage of the outer ear . If someone does not want a piercing but likes the look of the studs or plugs then they can check the bore false ears. No need to worry about how to cover the work because when done with them just remove the pin or pasted into the form.

earrings for cartilage cuffOutlining the Earrings for cartilage can create a nice style statement . A drilling technique surrounds the ‘ outside of the ear with multiple hoops, loops or studs. This style of piercing creates a lacy metallic border effect that enhances the shape of your ear . Some people can insert small size pearls that go up the ear lobe and outline the cartilage lining the base of the ear . This choice of piercing creates an elegant style statement.

Ear clip can be attached to the ear with screws or clips without poking holes in the skin. Ear Cuffs are really easy to describe the ear without actually piercing the ear road . This sleeve is seen in the form of a long , small lizard is wrapped around the upper end of the ear and wrapped around the edge of the lobe . The lizard looked so real that the wearer had people asking how she could wear such a creature on her ear air .

earrings for cartilage and lobeThere are many styles of Earrings for cartilage as there are people who want to wear them. Great looking hippie era, who have made ??great kitten and baby toys can still be found hanging on as a fashion statement . Modern industrial style piercing dangles a bar through the upper cartridge of the outer ear .

Earrings for cartilage cuffs