Emerald engagement rings with white gold


Because the rich green color of emerald is the color of spring, it has long symbolized love and new beginnings. Because emerald is the gem of Venus, emerald engagement rings are a very romantic choice. The first Emerald Engagement Rings on our list is 10k White Gold Ring Vintage Emerald Ring. This ring is a Neo-Edwardian setting of 10 karat white gold. It features a large synthetic emerald stone in a lush shade of deep green supported by four double prongs. The stone measures approximately 12mm NS by 8mm EW and is just under 3 carats. It catches the light brilliantly and is definitely a statement piece. The filigree work is gorgeous in its detail and brings everything together for an elegant piece. This ring has 4.75 size and can be sized up to 2 sizes either up or down. Weight: 1.5 dwt (including stone) and 10k markings.

emerald engagement rings 10k

A beautiful vintage style Emerald and Diamond ring in your choice of 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold. The second Emerald Engagement Rings on our list is Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring Diamond Halo 14K Emerald Ring Vintage Custom Bridal Jewelry ring. Gorgeous, with flowing vines and leaves studded with diamonds. At the center is a .85ct lab grown Emerald. There are 18 natural diamonds in the halo and band, 1/6 carats total weight. So pretty! Emerald is the birthstone for May. Lab grown Emeralds are physically, chemically and optically identical to natural Emeralds. The Emerald crystals are just grown in a lab setting. If you’d prefer a natural Emerald, ask for a quote.

emerald engagement rings art deco

The last Emerald Engagement Rings on our list is The “Royal”. This ring is a prime example of a traditional cut superimposed into modern housing. A bright green, remarkably clear .63ct Emerald sits comfortably in place within its custom made bezel. Too important to exist in isolation, the Emerald is accompanied by a Diamond in its own bezel. This ring is designed with the bezels on top of the band to easily allow for stacking with other bands. The band is formed into a round wire and creates a modern aesthetic. This ring is a one of a kind, as every Emerald is unique.

emerald engagement rings royal