Etsy engagement ring for him and her


there’s one more enduring aspect of a wedding ~ the rings! Not only do you vow to share your life with the one you love but you also promise to wear that ring day in day out for the rest of your life. It’s a permanent accessory, so be sure to choose a ring (or rings) that you love. Since launched in 2005, the online marketplace featuring over 800,00 vendors selling their handmade wares has become a go-to resource for couples looking to elevate their nuptials with one-of-kind, there’s even a dedicated section of the site just for weddings. Now, etsy engagement ring are so popular.

etsy engagement rings blue gemstone

 The first example of the etsy engagement ring are this unique rings. These customizable engagement bands can be stamped with the latitude and longitude of where you and your couple first met, or any other text or quote that’s meaningful to you. Only you and your couple would know exactly the meaning behind each latitude/longitude.

etsy engagement rings rose gold

The next example of etsy engagement ring is a couple ring with a beautiful gemstone. An amazing blue-purple spinel engagement band and a set of two lovely silver wedding bands to symbolize your love for each other. The engagement ring will feature a 5.5-6mm purple blue spinel gemstone. Spinel is a natural gemstone found in an array of amazing colors. It is an 8 on the MOHS hardness scale, just under sapphires and rubies, and sparkles like crazy. The band has lovely rustic river rock texture, ‘As you wish’ is handwritten on the inside. The rustic setting is the perfect frame for your stone. The rings have river rock texture on the outside. Each wedding ring has ‘Happily ever after’ written by hand on the inside. A secret message of love between the two of you.

etsy engagement rings

Engagement ring and matching wedding band? Moissanite, Diamonds and Rose Gold is the perfect combination! The brilliance in the diamonds is just matchless and the type of moissanite that using is called The FOREVER BRILLIANT. They are so much Whiter, so its sparkle is noticeably brighter than the conventional one. The etsy engagement ring also comes with a certificate of authenticity with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.