Garnet stud earrings


I was given a pair of Garnet stud earrings when I started high school. I was not able to wear immediately as I need to get my ears pierced before I could wear. Unfortunately , I’m not a big fan of pain or drilling – not necessarily in that order. So I was not able to wear beautiful earrings garnet older than my grandmother gave me , I was very saddened . Anyway, I went into the habit of wearing these amounts garnet with me during important periods of my life. They are placed in a velvet bag and I normally keep in my portfolio.

Garnet stud earrings gold for womanI was so accustomed to carrying around that have become a part of my wardrobe . I had when I went to the dance , started college , diploma, I engaged, married and when I had my baby. It seems I ‘ve always had every time I go through a milestone in my life. Garnet stud earrings have become my good luck charm too . It seems that things would always go well for me when I have them nearby.

Garnet stud earrings gold sapphireThere was a time when I thought I lost, and I remember crying for days. Apparently , I just lost . Instead of being in my portfolio , I put in one of my small bags . I found them when I stopped watching already . I remember that I cried with joy when I found it.
Now, when I look at my garnet earrings , not only gives me memories of my grandmother. I can look at them and tell stories of the days when I lived the most memorable and happiest of my life .

I can not wait to pass these valuable antique Garnet stud earrings to my son for him to be able to give the girl who will marry one day. At the time , would be able to build memories around the poles and garnet . They have become a sort of family heirloom after all. The earrings can not be so expensive compared to diamonds, but the history and the stories involving them can be considered priceless .

Garnet stud earrings gold