Gauges for ears


If you are about to stretch the piercing so that you can wear earrings thicker or large ears , or really want big holes for tunnels and plugs , then you probably need to start with cones , or a series of different sized of Gauges for ears. You may also be looking for an ear stretching kit. For about $ 10 or $ 11, you can get a kit that includes a series of acrylic cones cone from size 0 and go up to 14 gauge. Of course , you can stop stretching whenever you want, but the trendiest gauges, plugs and tunnels , which are likely to want to wear when stretching is complete, they are usually for holes that can accommodate a large ear gauge flared . Let’s take a look at what is available.

Funky and Where to Buy

Gauges for ears sizeWhat’s funny about several new models is that they can be hollow in the middle or have solid centers with an insect set resin ( sounds creepy but it is not … a bit like artificial amber) or can be made of wood coconut with a tribal motif, or it can be really awesome neon colored acrylic , even with sparkles or glow in the dark . Although money is not recommended for drilling metal, it can be fun to get white metal , titanium or stainless steel , and be combined with other jewelry items such as Gauges for ears with patterns or similar tribal trends . Minky Monkey , which is primarily an online store that carries jewelry piercing (similar to places like Body Candy , Painful Pleasures and other online stores ) has a couple of rings ( finger ) have a tattoo correspondence and ethnic grounds , but the settings are made of stainless steel, the same body jewelry ), so I ‘m a bit more expensive than the really cheap silver rings , you can get elsewhere.

My favorite styles

gauges for ears girlsPersonally, I like the hot pink CZ gauge sold through Minky Monkey mode, a store I recently discovered online. Cap style tree is surgical steel , each piece has a rubber stopper , and there is a groove for the O-ring to stay in place , but the front is a bit dazzling pink bling on 6mm cubic zirconia. The problem is that these items are sold separately , not as a set of Gauges for ears the most , although the price is a little over $ 10 , a set of two actually costs more than $ 20 , which is OUCH! for people like me. But these caps are so chic because of the false gem that can also be worn for dressy events, and because the environment is made of stainless steel , which is white , mate fabulously with other CZ jewelry money already own .

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