Gold bracelet for men with masculine look


The use of bracelets for men and women goes back to ancient times: for the Romans, a simple round bracelet was worn on the left wrist as a sign of military valour. From the Roman empire to the Renaissance, the bracelet continues to be a popular jewel for both men and women, an element distinguishing the role and power for the former, simply as an ornament for the latter, increasingly richer with new shapes and new materials based on the tastes and styles of each age. In history, the success of this jewel is closely connected to fashion, but in our day and age jewelry bracelets, for both women and men, are favourite ornaments, and gold bracelet for men known to be the source of new fashion trends.

gold bracelet for men jewelry 2013

Talking about men’s jewelry is a little bit like going back to the debut of jewelry art: it was created to honour authority, military ability, courage, and power. Women learnt the value and pleasure of wearing precious ornaments from men. Until the 18th century, there wasn’t a clear distinction between men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry; all ornaments were worn indifferently by men or women, feeding the vanity of men and women with the ostentation of precious creations. Today, never as before has men’s jewelry experienced a period of absolute glory. A jewel bought to celebrate a professional achievement, or simply to affirm one’s personality through exclusive design and precious materials: men’s jewelry proposes precious and elegant objects to respond to men’s distinct tastes. The material for men jewelry also varied, such as gold, silver, platinum, and stainless. I will tell you about one kind of men’s jewelry, gold bracelets for men.

gold bracelet for men leather

The first gold bracelets for men is braided black bolo leather and gold mens bracelet. This bracelet is the perfect gift for the man in your life! Men’s bracelets has become extremely popular and this bracelet has become a must-have in every guys wardrobe. The Leather makes it simple, stylish and an overall classic. This bracelet is durable for everyday wear, and bracelet for men tiger eyes

The second example is men’s golden tiger’s eye and 14kt goldfilled bracelet. You can stack this easy to wear bracelet with all your other favorite bracelets. Tiger’s eye is one of men’s favorite masculine beads. It is combined with a 14kt gold filled curved tube bead. The tube is 2.5″ and lightly textured and flattened in the middle. The gold on gold is a perfect combination. It can wear for any occasion, especially in formal bracelet for men 2013