Gold bracelets for women with diamond accent


Now, gold bracelets for women is very various. One of them are gold and diamond bracelets. This is the gold bracelets for women with diamond decoration gemstones. A gold and diamond bracelet is not a piece of diamond jewelry that will catch the eye like a pendant would, nor does it have the meaning a diamond ring has. It’s a more strategic choice for fashion and an excellent gift for the sophisticated girl or lady when you don’t want to imply a life commitment yet.

gold bracelet for women cable classics

There are a few fashion rules for wearing diamond jewelry, gold bracelets for women with diamonds are no exception. First of all bracelets should be worn on the right hand. When the diamond bracelet has a single diamond as its center, don’t let it dangle as it would look sloppy rather than sophisticated. When the diamond bracelet doesn’t have a single large diamond, but rather consists of several segments, it’ll most often look best when it’s not worn too tight.

Gold Bracelets for Women diamond full

The choice of the right diamond and gold bracelet for women depends on the outfit it should go with. A yellow gold and diamond bracelet might go extremely well with a summer style outfit; it would however clash with several colors like some shades of green for example. With gold and diamond bracelets you can bring your personal style to any outfit, but when it comes to diamonds you shouldn’t combine too many styles and colors. A single diamond bracelet can make a powerful statement, too many will in fact lessen your overall style. There’s however a trend that allows more than one bracelet to be worn at a time.

gold bracelet for women single diamond

The other example of beautiful gold and diamond bracelets is the cable classics bracelet. It is so unique. It looks casual but elegant to wear. It was created with twisted cable and features 3 large bezel set Diamond Crystals in the bangle. These sparkling diamond crystals are stationery on the twisted metal cord bracelet and give it a luxe feel. Each end of the silver twisted cable is capped with gold plated ends. A gold extension chain hangs from the end caps and allows for just the right fit. Easy to use gold lobster clasp. A decorative tiny crystal bezel set stone hangs from the end of the chain.

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