Gold collar necklace


Gold collar necklace should complement your clothing, proper correspondence between the collar and dress would highlight the ease for you to show your beauty , vigor and vitality. For the latest splendid clothes brush and image, you may need adequacy of basic skills .

gold collar necklace shopstyleAccordance with the style of your necklace and the dress must be taken into account. While wearing necklaces handmade classic clothing general types may seem perfect for simple and elegant. Collier and inappropriate clothes that make you look weird and reduce the function important decoration of the series, and the original beauty of your matching clothes.

Sometimes , several materials of different colors and which have resulted in different outcomes . A dress of blue polyester georgette with a root silver necklace seems friendly , funny and charming. If you ‘re in a red dress and skirt, at the same time decorated with a gold necklace you happy and you can attend parties in this area. The key to getting a good match your necklace and clothing is to follow the fashion trends of colors and materials to match.

gold collar necklace etsyThe above are some general ideas about the Gold collar necklace and matching clothes. Specific skills to match necklines and dresses of various styles will be presented later.

1 If your dress is with a high neck , the collar must be worn outside clothing to perform its function of decoration. A long necklace is favored because it can strengthen the feeling of slenderness and brighten clothes.

2 A long necklace or a pendant would be appropriate for you if your dress is with a large open collar. In contrast , shorter would be better for a relatively small open collar.

Gold collar necklace trend3 As for the clothes you are with a round Gold collar necklace, you should choose short necklaces that can be put in parallel with the necklace. If the collar is too long, it can be covered by clothing and loses its original features .

4 The collar should not be too long if you wear type V – neck. One that can be downwardly over the middle portion of the neck is suitable .