Gold earrings designs with unique shape


Earrings are equipment accessory which can be used by all classes. They can be seen visibly on your character, providing they are not covered by hair or a head item. Depending on your class, adding certain earrings can increase desired attributes. Some earrings can be remodeled, but cannot be enchanted. The earrings can also be used as a special gift to a loved one. Now there are a variety of models attractive earrings and make the wearer look elegant and beautiful. As well as rings and other jewelry, the earrings are also made ​​of various materials, including gold and silver. There is a classic shape and plain, some are varied with different accessories. Supporting accessories also diverse from gemstones until imitation stones. Now, let’s look at some examples of gold earrings designs.

gold earings designs rose

The first example of gold earrings design is Dangle Earrings with gold plated ear wires. This is a beautiful and unique pair of dangle earrings! These earrings feature a long, rectangular bar with a fabulous and intricate mesh design. They have a glossy, gold-plated, polish and are certainly a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings! These earrings, from top to bottom, measure at 2 1/2 inches long. It’s very elegant for special women.

gold earings designs

The second gold earrings designs is Rose Gold Hoop Earrings with Spiral Design and Simple Classic Catchless. It’s made from 14K Rose Gold Fill, these spiral hoops work well for all ages and occasions! They are made from 20g wire, which is the standard North American ear wire size so they fit even new pierced ears. These earrings are simple and lovely. These earrings designs are very simple but look nice and cute. Hoop earrings models are suitable for you who want to be different than usual. These earrings are also easy to use, suitable for any occasion either official or unofficial.

gold earrings designs hoop

The last example is 1920s Victorian design Gold Tone Earrings with Porcelain Roses Yellow Pink Lavender and tiny Faux Pearls. This is a beautiful ornate pair of 1920s style earrings with detailed gold tone design and mini faux pearls and a cluster of three small porcelain roses. “Signed” with the 1928 swirling floral pattern on the backs. This earrings model are perfect for those who like the details of the tricky jewelry. The beauty of form and color of these earrings can make you the center of attention. It can be used as a complementary jewelery for party or for your wedding ceremony and engagement.