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Gold infinity necklace is something which cannot be separated from the very special symbol as well as the meanings it has inside. To remind you a bit, the symbol of infinity has some different meanings. Even so, it can be concluded that those meanings are; eternity, never ending love, boundless, power, and also possibility. If you already familiar with this kind of necklace, you may never really wonder about the word ‘infinity’ which is used in the name of it as well as the origin of this world. The fact is those things are actually quite interesting for all of us to know.

rose gold infinity necklaceThe word ‘infinity’ which is used in the name of gold infinity necklace actually comes from the word ‘infinitas’. This is no other else but a Latin word which meaning is boundlessness. Based on this, all meanings which are known inside the infinity necklace can be said to be something right and reasonable even if there is a slight difference found in each meaning if being compared to the original meaning of the word ‘infinitas’.

gold infinity necklace jewelryOther than the origin of the name of gold infinity necklace, you have to know as well that the symbol is actually also a part of some cultures in this world even if the image shown in each culture to picture infinity is quite different. The first culture which is known to use the symbol of infinity quite often is Celtic culture as seen in quite a lot of Celtic knots to something more spiritual like Celtic cross which meaning is in fact quite the same with the meaning of infinity symbol known more right now. Other than this culture, infinity symbolism is also something known quite well in Egyptian culture, to be more specific it is known in Ouroborus but the picture is different. It is the picture of a snake which is biting its own tail. The meaning of this picture is also quite the same, which is no beginning and no end or something never ending. Other than all of these cultures, certainly there are a lot more cultures in the world which also believe in the meaning of infinity even if the image they use to represent it might be different.

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